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Why Phanes

After years of study in mind sciences and development we have the first AI system able to learn and “imagine”

Our product is Phanes:
now you can simulate a human mind
for your videogame or simulation.
No need to know A.I. No code needed.

Why Imagination

Imagination is the most powerful feature of our mind.

If we share the ability to learn with all the other animals with a brain, imagination let us be unique

Thanks to our innovative Phanes subsystem, called Mental Imagery, and the simulation of Emotions/Moods, your AI Agents/NPCs will be able to “understand” the simulated world in which they live, and react as a human shall do in those circumstances.

Just as happen into a real human mind, into a Phanes mind there might be beliefs, convictions, memories, new concepts, phobias and more. Your Phanes agent will receive a condensed knowledge and with it will be able to act as a human into the environment you choose for it.

Phanes for Videogames

We are preparing a plugin for Unity in order to let you use Phanes without using a line of code.

Phanes for simulations

Wherever you need of intelligent agents who simulate the human behavior, Phanes’ agents will be your best solution.
It will be possible to simulate human reaction respect to dangerous events, or even simulate a human community behavior.

Other Markets

Thanks to the Phanes plugin for the Imagine/Video Appraisal, a Phanes Agent is able to learn how a real environment is made, and react accordingly.

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Email: info@entitymind.com